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June 22, 2009

Unveiling of the logo

Miner Heritage Farm: a signature graphic that will strengthen our attachment to our roots and our life surroundings

Granby, Monday June 22, 2009
The board of directors of the Miner Heritage Farm, an eco-tourist project which depicts a legacy of the past in an urban setting, is pleased to unveil today the organization’s signature  graphic (logo type) and provide details on what the logo symbolizes.

Created on the designing table of Jérémie Lacasse, the artistic director of Agrumes Design, the logo type of the Miner Heritage Farm, which will be displayed on the building located at 100  Mountain Street, blends the graphic elements that highlight the heritage aspect (the ancestral Miner farm whose colour was oxblood red), the historical-cultural element  (the silhouette of the  centennial pines along the farm that was previously called the “Pinetree Jersey Farm” symbolizes the importance of the anglophone community in Granby’s history) and the rooster (a reminder of our French roots and the raising of animals on the lands of our forbearers).

Positive Inverse

“Our objective when we created the signature graphic was to put elements in the forefront that would enable a large segment of the population to recognize and place the project geographically while evoking memories at the same time,” remarked Jérémie Lacasse, artistic director of Agrumes Design.

“The signature graphic created by Agrumes Design is remarkable for the features that allow you to place it a geographic context, but an even more important element, the harmony between the logo type and the project on the ground should, hopefully, help to quickly engender the pride and solidarity that drives the population of Granby, » noted Caroline Gosselin, the founder of the Miner Heritage Farm.

About the Miner Heritage Farm

Founded in the spring of 2008, the Miner Heritage Farm is a non-profit organization whose mission is to protect and showcase the natural, cultural and historic heritage of the Miner farm and promote urban agriculture by providing discovery activities and participating in educational and conservation programs. An eco-tourist farm located in the heart of the city of Granby, the Miner Heritage Farm strives to promote human and environmental values, the source of a sustainable and harmonious development. For further information, please visit the website at www.fermeheritageminer.ca

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