Miner Heritage Farm
100 Mountain Street
Granby QC J2G 6S1

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About us

“Drawing on human and environmental values, the source of sustainable and harmonious development, our mission is to protect and showcase the natural, cultural and historic heritage of the Miner farm and promote urban agriculture by providing discovery activities and participating in educational and conservation programs.”

Located at 100 Mountain Street in Granby, the Miner Heritage Farm is a bold project designed to create an eco-tourist farm in the downtown core, where visitors can mingle among animals and ancestral plants and discover innovative agro-environmental methods.

The main objectives of our non-profit initiative are to:

  • Protect, restore and maintain the natural, historical and developed heritage of the Miner farm site in Granby;
  • Revitalize the Miner farm and thereby provide the Montérégie area with an ecological and educational farm whose activities will promote environmental protection and animal and plant biodiversity among the general public;
  • Participate in protecting and showcasing Quebec’s three heritage breeds: the Canadian horse, Canadian cow and Chantecler chicken (the latter two are on the way to extinction) by raising these animals on the farm site and teaching the general public about them;
  • Create a place that encourages social inclusion, multi-generational interaction, social engagement and knowledge sharing through Miner Heritage Farm activities;
  • Donate farm products (up to 10% of the production) and thereby contribute to the wellbeing and food security of underprivileged people in the area.

This major project is being undertaken to protect, restore and showcase the old “Pine Tree” farm belonging to William Harlow Miner (for more details please see the “Miner Family” section. A genuine organic urban farm, it will provide visitors with access to a vibrant, exciting part of country living, just a few steps from downtown Granby.

Implementing the project responds to a collective need to be able to have access to natural sites close to the city. It also meets the growing demand in the agro-tourist industry for activities that encourage contact with animals, the buying of local and organic products, as well as interpretation activities. The project also responds to the need for solidarity and social justice, since the social-economic organization handling management operations of the farm (la Ferme Héritage Miner Inc.) will be encouraging the training and integration of people experiencing professional integration difficulties.

It is green tourism at its best.

The site will gradually open to the public starting summer 2012


I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.

~John Burroughs


In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.

~ John Muir