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June 22, 2009


Miner Heritage Farm receives two major grants

The CLD Haute-Yamaska and Fonds Écomunicipalité IGA contribute to the development of the project

Granby, June 22, 2009
Management of the Miner Heritage Farm, buoyed by its recent nomination as a national finalist in the Concours Québécois d’Entreprenariat competition, welcomed influential community members, collaborators interested in the organization’s mission, and media representatives to the mayor’s office at Granby’s city hall to elaborate on the project’s progress and the stages to come. The Miner Heritage Farm also used the event to highlight the two recent grants bestowed on the organization. Here are the details about the grants:

CLD Haute Yamaska Fonds de démarrage d’entreprises d’économie sociale

The Fonds de développement des entreprises en économie sociale, which is a development fund, is aimed at fostering the emergence of viable projects in social economic businesses and help in creating sustainable jobs by providing these businesses with technical and funding support. The Miner Heritage Farm received $45,000 in funding, which will be used to stimulate its development and support the creation of long-term employment.

For further information, please go to http://www.haute-yamaska.com

Fonds Écomunicipalité IGA

The Fonds Écomunicipalité IGA, managed by the Jour de la Terre organization, funds environmental projects that tangibly respond to the every-day realities of the Quebec population. The targeted projects strive to protect, preserve and enhance the environment in a sustainable manner. The Miner Heritage Farm has received $10,000 in funding which will be used to set up an educational eco-tourist garden.

For further information, please go to http://fondsecomunicipalite.org/

“We regard today’s announcement as the first in a series, a tangible gesture that attests to the interest expressed by the community and environmental milieu for the mission the Miner Heritage Farm is pursuing,” stated Caroline Gosselin, the founder of the Miner Heritage Farm. “From now until the official opening, our efforts – besides the renovating of buildings – will largely be devoted to making eventual partners aware of the advantages of our project for the people as a whole while at the same time going about the mobilizing of the community’s active forces to enhance the exposure of the Miner Heritage Farm.”

Stages to come

In the next few weeks, the City of Granby and the Miner Heritage Farm will be signing a 10-year, long-term lease which will enable the organization to plan its development over a mid-to-long term span. The signing of the agreement will also allow the Miner Heritage Farm to finalize the development plans and present them to the general public in early September. The developing and renovating of the buildings is scheduled to get underway in the fall of 2009, which will allow the Miner Heritage Farm to officially open (phase 1) the site in July 2010.

About the Miner Heritage Farm

Founded in the spring of 2008, the Miner Heritage Farm is a non-profit organization whose mission is to protect and showcase the natural, cultural and historic heritage of the Miner farm and promote urban agriculture by providing discovery activities and participating in educational and conservation programs. An eco-tourist farm located in the heart of the city of Granby, the Miner Heritage Farm strives to promote human and environmental values, the source of a sustainable and harmonious development. For further information, please visit the website at www.fermeheritageminer.ca

Media relations:
Paul Goulet
GO Public Relations
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