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November 26, 2009

Signing of the Businesses’ Social Economy Charter

This evening marked a milestone as the Haute-Yamaska social economy businesses signed the first-ever Businesses’ Social Economy Charter.
The Businesses’ Social Economy Charter defines the set of values that guide the actions of the businesses that are a part of this great family. The Charter is comprised of 8 principles:

  • Enhance people’s living conditions through services, products and support
  • Reinvest the profits generated by sales activities into the development of the community as a whole
  • Promote an ambiance  and work conditions that are fair and equitable and which promote personal growth and development
  • Foster the empowerment of individuals by providing them with the means to choose, decide and act on their life environment
  • Defend the mission for which the business was built, while using creativity in order to continue to be more efficient in resolving social problems
  • Apply and transmit solutions and practices that are respectful of sustainable development principles
  • Encourage the creation of partnerships, mainly by teamwork and networking, information and awareness
  • Work on developing a project that is people-encompassing and inclusive in terms of social justice or solidarity.

The Charter signees – which are the social economy businesses and partners – pledge to put the terms of the charter into action and deploy the required efforts to impart them to their networks. They also intend to express them in their activities and relations with the private sector and the government.

The Charter was announced during a 5 à 7 reception, at which 60 people were in attendance. At this time,  Nancy Neamtan, president & CEO of the Chantier de l’économie sociale, Paulo Cruz Filho, of the Chaire de recherche du Canada en économie sociale, and Caroline Gosselin, founder of the Miner Heritage Farm project expressed their views on the major challenges awaiting the social economy in 2010.

The founder of the Miner Heritage Farm, Caroline Gosselin,
signs the Haute-Yamaska Businesses’ Social Economy Charter

Additional information: Bonner, Frédérick
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